About Entity

Who we are

Entity is an international, English-language theatre group located in Munich. We have members aged 18 and upwards from all corners of the world, and we welcome people with diverse backgrounds to participate in our activities and performances. Although we are an amateur group, we take what we do seriously and we have a reputation for putting on great shows with excellent reviews. Our community has a genuine love for all things theatre. We are always looking for new members who share that love of theatre, to contribute to our community.

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What we do

Entity produces shows in spring, summer and winter. Our plays cover different genres from contemporary comedy and drama, to Shakespeare and panto. Each show usually runs for eight to ten performances, and relies on dedicated teams both on and off stage (sound, lights, stage management, props and costumes, as well as the director and producer).

Workshops are a great way for non-members to see what Entity is all about. We usually hold four or five evening workshops, twice per year. Participation is free. Each workshop has its own theme from the basics of acting, to character development, to lighting techniques, onstage combat and beyond. To find out more about our workshops, check out our workshop page.

The 24h Theatre Festival
Another event that Entity Theatre is proud to produce is our 24 Hour Theatre Festival. Once or twice per year, we host an open theatre competition of short skits. How does it work? You come into the theatre on Friday night, get into groups, find out your genre, title and rules, and it’s all systems go! You have 24 hours to create a skit which will be performed the following Saturday night at the festival. Participation is free and open to members and non-members.


Something we are particularly proud of is our regular participation in FEATS (Festival of European Anglophone Theatre Societies) where we have won numerous awards. This competition of Anglophone amateur theatre groups is hosted in various European cities each year and is a wonderful opportunity for Entity to become involved with the greater European theatre community.

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