Foot in the door

Entity Theatre Workshop Series 2019 – Contemporary Theatre and Playreading Workshop

Facilitator: Ashok Vasudevan

About the Workshop:

Have you been curious about english-speaking theatre and the idea of the stage but didn’t know where to begin? This is a basic workshop for participants interested in getting introduced to the world of contemporary theatre arts and playreading. You will get an opportunity to exploit your passions, break out of your inhibitions and channelise your creative energies towards developing a performance piece. You will also learn about Entity theatre, and how to get involved in our productions and festivals.

Who is it for?:

the curious, the bored, the initiated, the uninitiated, the beginners, theatre enthusiasts, artists, entity members, non-members, all are welcome to attend this workshop

Venue: Kommandozentrale, Munich Centre For Community Arts (MUCCA),  Schwere-Reiter-Straße 2, 80797 München (Google Maps)

Date: 9th March 2019

Time: 14:30 – 18:30

Maximum number of participants: 20

Workshop Fee: The workshop is open and free. As a non-profit organization we accept donations.

Participant-Selection Criterion: First Come First Serve (Age: 18+)


About the facilitator:

Ashok Vasudevan is the Artistic Director of Entity Theatre. Over the last 10 years, he has played multiple roles as an actor, writer, director, producer, lighting designer with Entity, Munich Feminist Project, Mashaal Theatre, Our Theatre, Indian Ensemble in Germany and India. He is also the facilitator of Entity Theatre Playreading Circle.