Upcoming Dates and Activities

Entity Play Reading Group

Entity Theatre's playreading circle is a group that comes together once every month to read a
different new (English language) play, discuss, analyze, debate and of course have fun. The
larger idea is to get exposure to world theatre through play texts. Contemporary, realistic,
classics, historical, comedy, absurd, and more that you may add to the list.

If you are interested in being a part of the circle, please send an email to
playreading@entitytheatre.com to get added to our mailing list.
We will keep you updated on the monthly readings.

Spring play 2017
April - May 2017: Numbers by Mar Gómez Glez
Directed by Bogdan Tabaracu and produced by Elif Bilge Kavun.
The play will be performed at the Pepper Theater, Neuperlach.

Summer Open Air Theatre 2017
August 2017: An abridged Shakespeare play, like previous summers.
Announcement will follow closer to the summer.
Directed by Conny Loder and produced by Ken Lawler

24hr Theatre Festival
29-30 September 2017
This event will be held at the Pepper Theater, Neuperlach.