April 2015

The Memory of Water by Shelagh Stephenson

    The Memory of Water

    Three estranged sisters meet on the eve of their mother’s funeral, where past conflicts, jealousies and secrets are laid bare. The three very different girls have all led lives dissimilar to their mother’s and, in some ways, lived out their mother’s unfulfilled dreams. The play is about mothers and daughters, different generations and their choices, primarily the choices we make in life and the happiness we all seek.

    The Memory of Water was the first stage play written by actress and playwright Shelagh Stephenson. It opened at the London Hampstead Theatre in 1996. Awarded the Laurence Olivier Theatre Award in 2000 for Best New Comedy, the play was later adapted for film and produced as Before You Go in 2002.
    Directed by Jennifer Mikulla

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About Shelagh Stephenson

Stephenson was born in Northumberland and read drama at Manchester University.
Stephenson's stage plays include The Memory of Water (1997), An Experiment with an Air Pump, performed by Entity Theatre in 2005, Ancient Lights, Five Kinds of Silence (radio play 1996; stage play 2000), Mappa Mundi (2002) and The Long Road (2008) which was written in collaboration with the UK-based charity, The Forgiveness Project to critical acclaim.
Her uncanny ability to combine hilarious comedy and serious ideas guarantees the audience an entertaining and thought-provoking evening.