Performed at Pepper Theater, Neuperlach Zentrum, Munich

Awarded the BATS Trophy for Third Best Production at FEATS 2017!

Invited as main guest to English Drama Group's Mini English Drama Festival in Salzburg!

27 - 29 April 2017 8pm
30 April 2017 3pm
4 - 6 May 2017 8pm
7 May 2017 3pm

Numbers is being performed at Pepper Theater,
Thomas-Dehler Straße 12, 81737 Munich
PEP Einkaufscenter, U5 Neuperlach Zentrum

Entity Theatre’s 2017 spring production is the European premiere of Numbers, originally written in Spanish by Mar Gómez Glez for the Royal Court Theatre, and translated into English by William Gregory.

In 2009, the crew of the Spanish shrimp trawler Francisco y Catalina rescued 51 migrants drifting aboard a sinking raft in the Mediterranean Sea. The crew and refugees were denied access to the Maltese port of Valletta and were left stranded. They struggled to survive as food, water, and patience quickly dwindled. Meanwhile, diplomatic efforts were made to resolve the situation while the matter was hotly debated by the public and media.

Numbers is based on the events which transpired while the vessel was stuck in diplomatic limbo.

The play is helmed by Bogdan Tabacaru (Director), Makrand Mujumdar (Assistant Director), Elif Bilge Kavun (Producer), Jennifer Blastorah Orszag (Scenographer/Marketing) and Ashok Vasudevan (Dramaturg).

The trailer: