November/December 2014

Sleeping Beauty - A Panto

Written and directed by Anne Wollstein, co-directed by Mo Boukhelif
Produced by Mattias Carlborg.

    Entity’s 2014 winter production was based on the Brothers Grimm classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty .
    It is a traditional English Pantomime (known as a Panto, not to be confused with the German “Pantomime”) and is a musical comedy for the whole family mainly performed at Christmas. It contains song and dance routines, slapstick, cross dressing where men dress as women and women dress as men, magic tricks and lots of audience participation.

    Pasty and Crusty, the royal cooks, Nanny, the dame, and Prince Pablo of Pantogonia set out on an adventure to find Belle, who has been missing since her 16th birthday, after being cursed by the Wicked Fairy. The love story ends happily!!!

    Oh yes it does!

About Anne Wollstein

Anne Wollstein, who wrote Cinderella – A Panto two years earlier, has again written the script for 2014’s panto based on Sleeping Beauty. Anne, a junior school teacher from the north of England, came to Munich in 1973. She has always loved acting and has appeared in many Entity productions. For her role as Clara, in Matei Visniec’s Three Nights with Madox, she won the Best Actress Award at FEATS 2012 (Festival of European Theatrical Societies) in Antwerp.