November/December 2013

"A Play on Words" by Matthew Lynch

Directed by Ciara Hendrickson
Produced by Pernille Ostergaard.

The trailer:

This fun-packed play is about Clifford Pratt-Shore, who is directing his masterpiece, a play about the life and love of the poet William Wordsworth. Sadly, his cast seems to have other things on their minds, his assistant director is more of a hindrance than a help and the Vicar uses the church hall as a petty cash fund.
Find out if the play can be successfully staged, despite all that goes before it.

About the Author
Matthew T. Lynch teaches economics and psychology at Sir Thomas Rich's school in Gloucester, U.K. In his function as Head of the Performing Arts, he wrote and directed A Play on Words in 2010 before it was made public. The fast pace of the play is reflected in the writing process; as Matthew Lynch says about his masterpiece: "I started writing in February and it took about three months to complete".