March 2015

Entity’s first show of 2015 was a performance by our English partner group Pilot's Thumb

    Inner Chimp

    “Unforgettable.” Hotel Monthly
    You’ll never stay in a hotel room again without laughing out loud. Welcome to the bizarre, zany world of Pilot’s Thumb, where nothing is what it seems: Barbie Dolls hit back; Teddy Bears reveal secrets and, as for sleepless nights, well enough said.
    Comic theatre at its best performed by Beth Scott-Hewlett and Cassie Williamson.
    Directed by Danny Strike



    Meet Eddie, compulsive gambler, serial lover, likeable-up-to-a-point rogue. Nothing is ever really his fault; problem is he can never say no. Not to be missed, says his wife Barbara, but she was throwing a teapot
    at him at the time!
    Brought to you by Danny Strike, raconteur, and the
    long suffering Barbara and Dorothy.

About Pilot's Thumb

A Plymouth-based theatre company of local performers, writers, directors, and designers committed to tackling controversial issues with a personal aspect.
Pilot’s Thumb Theatre, known for their edgy social and political drama combined with powerful narratives, engaging characters, and pithy humour, have been astonishing audiences both intellectually and imaginatively since their inception in 2009.
Danny Strike, one of the founder members of Pilot's Thumb, was also one of the founders of Entity Theatre.