May 2014

The Note and The Ribbon.

Entity is pleased to announce that The Ribbon was also be performed at the Festival of European Anglophone Theatrical Societies (FEATS: in Luxembourg June 2014.

The Ribbon won the Daw-Verulam Award for the Best Original Script.

    Two Plays, One Show!
    As its first production of 2014, Entity Theatre e.V. performed two one-act plays, The Note, written and directed by John Yates, and The Ribbon, written by Guy Las and directed by Colleen Burke. The plays, produced by Viviana Ghiglione, are both being performed for the first time.

    The Note concerns Samuel Adams, a very popular writer of detective plays in Victorian times. His plays were, however, never published and so he and his characters did not achieve the lasting fame they deserved. His most popular play, The Note, is nonetheless a very clever story, which can be placed in a modern setting with little difficulty. At least that's what the director hopes, although in amateur dramatics, of course, anything can happen.

    The Ribbon takes place at a time when the world cannot sustain its population, in a place where the "Law" has been implemented for centuries and the human race has found it necessary to introduce an age limit. Every once in a while the Ministry of Unilateral Disengagement organizes a meeting for longevitists. This allows those with incomprehensible anxiety about death to pour out their hearts and convince the Minister to grant a plea and extend their lives. But - as everyone knows - the Law is the Law, and it must be obeyed.

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