We often get questions from visitors about what we do. Here are some answers to common topics:

Q1: “When is the next workshop?”

Entity Theatre: We publish our workshop schedule on our here. If there are no workshops featured, that means we don’t have any planned right now. We encourage you to sign up for our workshop mailing list here, so you will hear whenever new workshops are scheduled.

Q2: “How do I get involved with/become a member of Entity Theatre?”

Entity Theatre:We’re always looking for passionate people committed to help out in our productions. If you are interested in acting, the best way to get involved is to attend our workshops or take part in our 24h Theatre Festival. If you are interested in helping off stage, from costumes and makeup to set design, sound and light, and stage management, please contact us here!

Q3: “My child is really passionate about theatre. Do you have workshops/roles for children?”

Entity Theatre: Unfortunately, we cannot accept participants under 18 at our workshops and in our productions, even with written permission from a parent or guardian. We’re sorry, but this is a restriction of our insurance provider. We are not aware of any local groups that offer workshops or roles to children.

Q4: “I’m currently studying theatre, I’d love to do an internship with you! How do I apply?”

Entity Theatre: We’re an amateur theatrical society run by our members. We don’t have our own theatre or employ any staff. We are not able to offer internships. However, if you would like to help behind the scenes on one of our productions, please contact us here!

Q5: “Hi, I’m a playwright. Will you accept my script for your next production?”

Entity Theatre: Please email us your script at info at entitytheatre . com. We are more than happy to look at your script as part of our play reading circle. We will let you know if we would like to produce the play, but we are unable to provide you with specific feedback if we do not proceed.