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Welcome to Entity Theatre’s WNTT Radio Theatre podcast, All Things Theatre.  Each month we will explore with our featured guest some fascinating aspects of theatre: writing, directing, acting, stage management – all things related to theatre! There will be a new episode to enjoy with your morning coffee on the first Sunday of each month. Please leave comments below, along with any ideas about how we can make the podcast better and what you would like to hear about on a future podcast.

To listen to the individual episodes and read more about the guest, simply click on the blue episode title provided below.

Episode 6 – Finding Life Through Theatre - Danny Strike is an English-born actor, director, playwright, philosopher and poet. During the 35 years he lived in Germany, he founded two different theatre companies (one of which was Entity Theatre), taught English, Philosophy and Drama at the European School, and made Entity a major force in the Munich and Europe-wide theatre scenes. He then returned to England to cofound yet another theatre company, Pilot's Thumb, that has launched a series of highly successful plays. In this fascinating interview, Danny talks about what he has learned, some of the mistakes he has made, and how theatre helped open the doors for him to a richer and fuller life.
Episode 5 – Bringing Team to Theatre: It’s More Than Acting - Even when you are on stage for the first time as an actor, it is very clear that success is only possible if the entire cast works seamlessly together as a team. But what does that really mean? Tracy Tollmann, the Chair of The Bonn Players Committee, asserts that it is much more than just acting – that it requires a focus on the needs and interests of the entire membership. You will want to be ready to take notes as she shares her ideas and experiences with making team the core principle of managing amateur theatre.
Episode 4 – How Can Improv Make You A Better Actor? - Jodi Pfleghar has applied her Education degree for more than twenty years to developing powerful tools which facilitate teaching and learning. Her passion for drama and the arts is reflected in her work editing screen plays, recording voice-overs for TV and film, and leading Improv workshops and performances. In this episode Jodi talks about how Improv has helped her become a better parent, teacher and actor – indeed how to be more fully be present to life. If you want to be a better stage actor, you won't want to miss what she has to say!
Episode 3 – Shakespeare al fresco - Conny Loder talks about the relevance of Shakespeare for everyone today and how the study and performance of Shakespeare's plays can help actors become better at their craft, help adolescents discover the joys of shared creation, and show all of us the amazing fabric of our humanity. She also shares some of the challenges and funny stories about performing Shakespeare al fresco, or outside in the open air.
All Things Theatre episode 2Episode 2 – Helping Actors Discover their Own Truth - Denise Orita, a professional actor, singer, and workshop leader talks about how important it is for each aspiring actor to find his/her own path in order to authentically bring his/her character to life on the stage.
Episode 1 – Radio Theatre in the 21st Century - Jim Nellis has combined his experience with Microsoft and Apple with a commitment to community service. He has been involved with Entity Theatre since 2005 in just about every conceivable theatre role – actor, producer, and director. In this episode, he talks about the challenges and rewards of recreating radio drama in a modern theatre group.

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Roger has been fascinated by acting since his late twenties. Unfortunately, his work and travel as an IT project management consultant and trainer never seemed to allow time to actually get involved with theatre. Shortly after his retirement, though, he discovered Entity Theatre in Munich and tried out for a part. Acting became a source of enrichment and challenge in his life and led naturally to getting involved with improvisation and standup comedy as well. He is excited about hosting the All Things Theatre podcast and to share the joy and inspiration of acting with others.

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The All Things Theater podcast is brought to you by Entity Theatre’s production of The Dark – A Halloween Radio Play (directed by Jim Nellis, produced by Katrin Fegert), performing live 28–31 October 2021 at Amerikahaus München. WNTT Radio Theatre presents some of the scariest, creepiest, most shocking short stories from the deepest catacombs of radio plays adapted to the stage. The audience will be stage-side as the WNTT broadcast team streams live news, weather, sports, and our featured ensemble cast performing classic programs from the frightening days of radio. ​Listeners at home can tune in to the LIVE broadcast on Halloween night.


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