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Episode 2 – Helping Actors Discover their Own Truth

Denise Orita, a professional actor, singer, and workshop leader talks about how important it is for each aspiring actor to find his/her own path in order to authentically bring his/her character to life on the stage.

Denise was born in North London and grew up there. She trained in Acting, Singing, Dancing at St. Catherine’s Drama Studio in Guildford Surrey in the eighties. She has always loved singing but it took her a long time to understand how to sing well and to figure out what she wanted to sing. She had the good fortune to have met great and talented people who encouraged her to learn to love her voice and to believe in herself.

She has enjoyed a variety of professional work as an actor and singer in venues ranging from small theatres to London’s West End. She worked there on shows like The Cotton Club and  70, Girls, 70, the latter leading to a national tour. Denise has enjoyed huge success playing Mother Courage for Teatro Tivo in London Woolwich, Calpurnia  in To Kill a Mocking bird, for Theatre Clywd, and Mama Put in The Beatification of Area boy for West Yorkshire playhouse and international tour.

She holds dual British and German citizenship and spends time living in both London and Ostallgäu, some 70 kilometers west of Munich. She is a successful workshop leader and director, and the co-founder of Actors Workout where she offers workshops twice a year in  Munich. She will be appearing in the new movie, Giddy Stratospheres, planned for release later this year. You can find all the details at https://www.giddystratospheresfilm.com/

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All Things Theatre podcast episode 2
Title: Helping Actors Discover Their Own Truth
Guest: Denise Orita
Host: Roger Voight
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Photo: Stephanie Claire
Graphics: Katrin Fegert (Drama icon: Aham Brahma)
Support: Bogdan Tabacaru

This episode of the All Things Theater podcast is brought to you by Entity Theatre’s production of The Dark – A Halloween Radio Play (directed by Jim Nellis, produced by Katrin Fegert), performing live 28–31 October 2021 at Amerikahaus München. WNTT Radio Theatre presents some of the scariest, creepiest, most shocking short stories from the deepest catacombs of radio plays adapted to the stage. The audience will be stage-side as the WNTT broadcast team streams live news, weather, sports, and our featured ensemble cast performing classic programs from the frightening days of radio. ​Listeners at home can tune in to the LIVE broadcast on Halloween night. https://entitytheatre.com/the-dark-a-halloween-radio-play