Episode 4 – How Can Improv Make You A Better Actor?

Jodi Pfleghar has applied her Education degree for more than twenty years to developing powerful tools which facilitate teaching and learning. Her passion for drama and the arts is reflected in her work editing screen plays, recording voice-overs for TV and film, and leading Improv workshops and performances. In this episode Jodi talks about how Improv has helped her become a better parent, teacher and actor – indeed how to be more fully be present to life.

Leading a performance at Improvember

The day after graduating from University with a degree in Education,  Jodi Pfleghar left her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA USA for Munich, Germany. She spent 10 years training teachers, organizing camps and writing curriculums as the Kids Director of Berlitz Language School. 

She is now the Artistic and Managing Director of Bake This, Munich’s English Improv comedy performance group, the Co-Founder of and teacher at ImproMunichorn School of Business Improv, and the Assistant Director of Munich’s international Improv festival, Improvember. In addition to teaching and performing, Jodi also leads English seminars for Paralegals and Law Offices all over Germany, edits screen plays, and records voice-overs for TV and film. 

When she’s not on stage, organizing events,  or leading a workshop, she can be found singing karaoke with her 2 teenaged daughters or taking long walks with her little dog.

You can find out more about Jodi’s performances and workshops here: www.bakethis.de. Also, follow the Entity Theatre Web, Facebook and Instagram pages if you would like to be notified of Jodi’s Entity Theatre Improv workshops!

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All Things Theatre podcast episode 4
Title: How Can Improv Make Me A Better Actor?
Guest: Jodi Pfleghar
Host: Roger Voight
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Photo: Tamara Ranner
Musical excerpt provided by Bake This
Graphics: Katrin Fegert (Drama icon: Aham Brahma)
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