You can download a printable version of the program (PDF file, 3.5MB) here: Programme_for_print.



Kate Scholes Mary, Lola
Cristina Moise Theresa, Cristal
Liesl Penkler Meryl, Winsome
Julie Spanswick Tiggy
Jen Blastorah Zoe
Maddox Pratt Winsome
Christophe Millet Gérald the Pianist
Elif Bilge Kavun Stage manager
Julie Spanswick Stage assistant
Mattias Carlborg Light and sound operator

Production support

Daniel Plappert Lighting design, composer (Zoe’s songs)
Kate Scholes Director, logo design, costumes and wigs, social media
Jen Blastorah Social media planning
Katrin Fegert Photography
Maddox Pratt Artwork and poster
Pascal Schwinn Producer, PR and marketing

Voice artists

Mary’s teacher, Mr Burbridge:
Toby Müller

Zoe’s superfans waiting for the concert to start:
Adriane Richter, Alian Leiva, Alma Forsyth, Elif Bilge Kavun, Helen Bannatyne, Kate Scholes, Katrin Fegert, Liesl Penkler, Mattias Carlborg, Scott Holland

About the play

BOOM! The BOMBSHELLS are in the room!
Mary, the teenager desperate to win the school talent show.
Theresa, the blushing bride-to-be getting ready for her wedding.
Meryl, the exhausted mum who just wants some peace and quiet.
Tiggy, the abandoned wife who seeks solace in caring for cacti.
Zoe, the washed-out diva on her comeback tour.
Winsome, the widow who gets more than she bargained for when she does some charity work.
Take a hilarious peek into the lives of our six BOMBSHELLS – they’ll blow your socks off!


Special thanks to

Susan Voight, Tilman Buntz, the Fuchs family, Tom Hafner and Heiko Dietz

We miss you

Esther, Luiza and Meg, Erik and Manuel


With grateful thanks to the following artists for their music:

To get you in the mood, we played:
– Former by ComaStudio
– Feel Good by Music for Videos
– For Elevator Jazz Music by Music Unlimited
(all via

So that you couldn’t hear the cast noisily banging around backstage while our lovely stage managers were moving furniture, we played:
Jazzy Inquisitors by Lisa Hammer via FMA (Free Music Archive)
CC BY 4.0

And when it was time to say our goodbyes, we swayed and waved to:
Energetic Upbeat Vintage Funky Dance Groove – Sound Gallery By Dmitry Taras

Goodnight Munich!


Upcoming productions


7–9, 14–16 & 21–23 July 2023, 19:00
at the Theatron, Westpark