Masks and Mirrors

updated 6 October 2022

5 Short Plays by Christopher Durang

  • The Actor’s Nightmare
  • 1-900-DESPERATE
  • Naomi in the Living Room
  • Wanda’s Visit
  • Nina in the Morning

About Masks and Mirrors

So, what would you do if your children wanted you dead?

What if your high school flame from 20 years ago wanted to move back in with you, never mind the fact that a) you’re married and b) you’re broke and destitute because you squandered all your money on the dating hotline from hell? What if all of a sudden you found yourself on stage, with no idea of what play you’re in, what line to say next or whether that public execution starring YOU won’t be for real?

Leave it to Tony award-winning author Christopher Durang to sort all this out for you.

Entity Theatre is thrilled to present five short plays by the modern master of outrageous comedy. Screamingly funny, consistently entertaining and filled to the brim with astute observation, gleeful malevolence and deeply humanist concerns, these five plays show Durang at his ferociously funny best.

Mind you, this is not for children…


26–29 October 2022, Einstein Kultur



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