SOUND OF MUSIC – Beginning Friday April 1st 7pm

Are you participating in or running the sound of a production? This workshop is for you to experiment with your ideas and find like minds to collaborate with. We may touch on original music, adaptations, sound, and music selection, sampling, instrument selection, musicians casting, or the rehearsal process up to performances, depending on your preferences.

A Brief Introduction to Theatrical Lighting Design – Sunday April 3rd 9:30am

The way you light a show has a big impact on its look and feel. It’s about more than creating pure visibility — if visibility were all, we could just turn on a couple of bright lights and walk away. We will be looking at conventional and modern lighting euipment, lighting systems, lighting control, colour theory, health and safety aspects as well as some practical examples from previous Entity productions.
The workshop is designed as a recurring one hour online exchange with a new focus in each session. If you would like to participate, please write to to receive an invite to the next session three days in advance. The first session is planned for Friday April 1st, 7pm.


Picture: Daniel Plappert