Snow in the summer?

Entity Theatre presented a collection of staged readings and short performances of plays on Climate Change, directed by Ashok Vasudevan (Artistic Director, Entity Theatre) and Katherine López (Environmentalist & Artist)

Our run in 2019 is completed, and the performance videos are available below. Please donate and help us continue with the evolution of this project


  • Oh how we loved our tuna – Amahl Khouri
  • Birthday Suit – Mary Ann Karanja
  • Blood on the leaves – Madeline Sayet
  • The Arrow – Abhishek Majumdar
  • hashtag Mother’s Rights – Mike Van Graan
  • Six polar bears fell out of the sky this morning – Alister Emerson
  • The donation – Jordan Hall
  • A letter from the Ocean – Caridad Svich


Abhiyash Jain, Fiona Rauch, Goutam Tanti, Jennifer Drake, Josh Knoll, Kate Scholes, Katherine López Rodriguez, Manuel Concepcion Brito, Shubham Pal, Sophia Gonzalez, Tanushree Chaudhuri, Vaishak Raju


The Project

There is a great derangement in the response of the arts to one of mankind’s biggest crisis – Climate Change. The subject has been relegated to the realm of science and non-fiction, which are not easily accessible to a larger population. On the other hand, stories told through the medium of the theatre have the power to be seen, heard and inspire. Entity Theatre is collaborating with theatre companies across the globe on the Climate Change Theatre Action project (CCTA 2019). CCTA is a worldwide series of readings and performances of short climate change plays presented to coincide with the UN Santiago Climate Conference (COP25). It uses stories to bring communities together and encourage them to take local and global action on climate and the environment.


Ashok Vasudevan is the Artistic Director of Entity Theatre. For the past 14 years, he has dabbled in acting, directing, writing, designing, dramaturgy and lighting for plays in India and Germany. He has been a part of most of Entity’s productions and festivals since 2015, including dramaturgy, scenography and lighting design for Numbers which went on to win the BATS trophy at FEATS 2017 at Frankfurt, and was invited to perform at the 50th year anniversary of the English Drama Group at Salzburg. Some of his earlier work include Beyond the land of hattamala, Afterlife of Birds, Tales of Kutty, Rocky ka insaaf, Taledanda, The 39 Steps, Stagekiss, Reframing. He is the facilitator of the Entity Theatre playreading circle, and a member of Munich Feminist Project. He is passionate about plays that are contemporary, thought provoking and raise questions. His life’s philosophy is to do different things, do things differently and make a difference.

Katherine Caroline López Rodríguez is a Mexican environmentalist and artist with multicultural experience in both fields. She obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada, and her Masters of Science degree in Sustainable Resource Management at the Technical University Munich. Her knowledge in the environmental field expands into an interdisciplinary range of various topics including themes related to climate change, sustainable agriculture, renewable energies, sustainable consumption, among others. She has acquired this knowledge in Mexico, the US, Canada, Kenya, and Germany with different organizations including the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), the Chair of Forest Growth and Yield Science at TUM, Sierra Club Canada, Maison Tucker House, and others. She currently works at Solar für Kinder in the marketing and communications department. In the artistic field, she has an Associate of Arts degree in Theatre from Pasadena City College in Los Angeles, California. She has performed in theatre, TV, and short-films. Her work and passion is focused on creating awareness and educating people about sustainable lifestyles through the arts and social media.

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