The 39 Steps (2016)

The 39 Steps by Patrick Barlow and John Buchan is an energetic comedy with a cast of four actors recreating all of the characters from Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic 1935 film, as the hero Richard Hannay travels from London to Scotland and back again, in a bid to stop a spy ring from taking secrets out of the country.
Will Hannay foil the dastardly plan?
Will he get the girl before the police get him?
And, just what are The 39 Steps?

Directed by Esther Gilvray and Kate Scholes

Produced by Mattias Carlborg


Character Actor
Richard Hannay Michael Moore
Annabella Schmidt
Linda B McElwee
Clown 1 Kate D. Smith
Clown 2 Bogdan Tabacaru


April 2016