Trifles + Ile

Directed by Estefanía Vidal and Megan Nerlich, produced by Katharina Drobinski.

Stage Management by Sarah Ryan, with Amber van Der Graaf. Tech by Andrew Edem.

Entity Theatre presents a double feature of one-act plays: Ile by Eugene O’Neill and Trifles by Susan Glaspell.

Ile sees a crew of whalers stuck on the ice without banking the fortune they have been promised. When the two years they signed up for come to an end, tensions in the crew and the captain’s family intensify and threaten to boil over. 

In Trifles, a man has been found strangled to death in his own bed. While the investigators struggle to find the cause, it is up to local housewives to follow the clues and reveal the real tragedy at hand.

Performance dates:

4-7 April, 8pm

Teamtheater Tankstelle, Am Einlaß 2a, 80469 München

ActorCharacter (Trifles / Ile)
Alexander BruneMr Hale / Second Mate
Sophie CretaineMrs Wright / Ben
Hannah DavisMrs Peters / Joe
Adriana GreenCounty Attorney / Steward
Megan NerlichMrs Hale / Mrs Keeney
Tai SteynSheriff / Captain Keeney