We finally made it official what was already done during the past years – we signed a cooperation agreement with Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium. With this cooperation we will continue to offer light or audio workshops for the tech group, improv workshops for specific classes,  participate at the English Day the whole school is involved with. Additionally, we can help give the love of theatre to the next generation. At FEATS the “Theaterklasse” also organized a sightseeing tour through Munich, the kids told the guests about the history in a theatrical way and had great success with it.

The next step will be developing new ideas to keep the spark alive.

At the Werner-von-Siemens-Gymnasium theatre is a big part of the school culture. Growing since about 10 years its theatre family includes now two theatre classes (5th and 6th grade), two theatre groups (mixed ages) and one graded course in grade 11/12 that counts towards Abitur. A tech group, a set build group, assistant directors and stage manager also developed out of the theatre family, all positions being filled by students only. The enthusiasm of the kids can be felt not only during various performances by the kids themselves but also when they visit plays, which is also an important part of the education at the school.

Just recently the numbers of the enrollment for the new theatre class next year exceeded all expectations.

With its second focus on variety (“Schule der Vielfalt”) this school and Entity seem to be just a perfect match.

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