Halloween Live Broadcast

THE DARK – A Halloween Radio Play

From WNTT Radio Theatre LIVE at Amerikahaus München

31 October 2021, 19:45


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On Halloween night, WNTT Radio Theatre presents some of the scariest, creepiest, most shocking short stories from the deepest catacombs of radio plays to listeners all over the world.

Three Skeleton Quay by Georges-Gustave Toudouze
The Shadow People 
by Richard Thorne
The Tell-Tale Heart 
by Edgar Allen Poe
Hairy Monster by Alonzo Deen Cole
War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells
adapted by the LMU English language creative writing group

Performed live from 28 to 31 October 2021, 7.30pm, at the new THX-certified 4K-video-capable Amerikahaus auditorium (Karolinenplatz 3, 80333 München).

In cooperation with Amerikahaus München.

Read the program online or download the pdf.


Three Skeleton Quay by Georges-Gustave Toudouze

Three men tending a lighthouse on a remote island find themselves lonely no more when an abandoned ship carrying terrifying visitors makes landfall. Nightmare becomes reality as the island is quickly overtaken by a horde of ferocious, blood-hungry rats. When the monster rats break into the lighthouse tower, a life-and-death struggle ensues as the men seek to save themselves by fleeing to the top of the lighthouse, with nothing more than a metal trapdoor between themselves and their impending doom. Will the three men survive the rats and ever make it off Three Skeleton Quay

The Shadow People by Richard Thorne

Sally is reading in the library of her house late one evening when she senses that she is not alone. Someone… or something is there, watching her from the shadows. Following a whisper to the pitch-black hallway, Sally feels an evil presence as a large, hulking shape creeps toward her. She quickly switches on the light and the shape disappears! What exactly is lurking in the shadows, and what does it want from Sally? Leave the lights on as you listen to this dark and frightening tale of a young girl’s fight to survive the evil that is closing in around her – The Shadow People.  

Hairy Monster by Alonzo Deen Cole 

Barbara Turner inherits a large mansion and grounds from a strange old lady named Hawkins and moves there with her young brother and aunt. The mansion will soon be all theirs if Barbara carries out the strange wishes in Mrs. Hawkins’ will, including living there continuously for one year and sleeping in a specific room every night for at least three hours, all by herself. The unwitting new tenants at the stairs of this big house will soon learn about the mysterious connection between the unusual inheritance conditions and a strange creature that leaves 6-foot-long hairs behind – The Hairy Monster

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allen Poe

In comfortless surroundings, a young man plans and commits the “perfect crime” to rid himself of the horror of enduring his landlord’s “evil” eye. When a detective stops by on a quite different matter, it becomes apparent that the young man has little to fear. The only trouble is, he can’t stop the pounding of the dead man’s heart. Why can’t the detective hear it? As the pounding grows, witness the madness of a guilt-ridden murderer in The Tell-Tale Heart. 

War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells 

Keen to determine once and for all whether humans are alone in the universe, a field reporter recounts live events while a large crowd gathers at the landing site of a strange, cylindrical meteor. As tentacled visitors from Mars emerge from the cylinder, it quickly becomes clear that they did not come in peace. Chaos erupts as the Martians attack the bystanders with heat rays and spider-like tripods descend upon New York City, dispensing deadly black smoke as far as the eye can see… Is anywhere safe? Is there anyone left? Have the Martians taken over the world? Listen to find out if humanity can hope to survive this Martian invasion in War of the Worlds


Directed by Jim Nellis, produced by Katrin Fegert

Cast (in alphabetical order): Alexander Siebert, Brianna Goins, Bogdan Tabacaru, Cristina Richardson, Daniel Beaver, David Kinsella, David Viita, Elif Bilge Kavun, Esther Gilvray, Jennifer Blastorah, Jennifer Mikulla, Jodi Pfleghar, Kumar Barua, Ladan Shahlaei, Marc Lachance, Silvia Pfleghar, Susan Voight

Stage Manager: Birgit Mueller

Technical Director: Daniel Plappert

Assistant director (Three Skeleton Quay, The Shadow People, Hairy Monster): Bogdan Tabacaru