Do you have a face for radio?

The Entity Theatre WNTT Radio Theatre Group

Jim Nellis

← Jim Nellis here, and yes I do!  That’s why I’ve found radio theatre to be the perfect antidote for those COVID-no-live-theatre blues.  

There is no reason we can’t continue to make great theater, spend time together, practice our acting and just stay in tune for when all the restrictions are lifted and we can get BACK ON STAGE!

Join me and other radio theatre enthusiasts every Wednesday from 18:30 to 20:30 on Zoom (yeah, I know, but it’s radio, so you can leave your camera off).  We’ll do some theatre games, hand out some scripts, put you in groups and at the end of the evening, you’ll have a recorded radio play complete with sound effects (we cool cats in the radio biz call them SFX) to share with your friends and neighbors (who won’t be for long if you keep bugging them to listen to your radio plays).

Interested?  Click this link here → 

And get your friends and neighbors to join so they won’t be so annoyed!

Hugs, Jim