Maskerade (2011)

Agnes wanted to be in the opera to get away from country life; her singing talents have got her in. Christine has always dreamt of being in the opera; her daddy’s offer to break someone’s legs may have influenced her getting in. Mr. Bucket has left the cheese industry and is looking forward to a quiet retirement as the new owner of the opera, so he’s in anyway. Walter, the odd-job man, has always been in it; he’s part of the opera. So all should be happy – if it wasn’t for a phantom: the opera ghost who starts murdering the cast. And, as if murder wasn’t enough of a problem, then the country witches Nanny Ogg and Granny Weatherwax just pop by to say hello, “diplomatic-like”, without interfering. And so a merry mayhem of music and murder is assured, as Entity Theatre performs its first sequel, Maskerade.

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