Miracle on 34th Street – A Radio Play

Directed by Jim Nellis

Produced by Roger Voight


We all remember the time when we began to question whether Santa Claus was real or not. Some of us worried about confessing our doubts because it might reduce the number of presents we got. Others might have been encouraged by well-meaning parents to give up such childish fantasies. Screenwriter Valentine Davies and director George Seaton wanted to explore a different possibility – that Santa Claus could be more than a rotund old man with a white beard – that adults believing in the vision of Santa Claus could create a better world for us all. Read more about the story of Santa and Advent here.

The result was “Miracle on 34th Street”, a novella translated into multiple languages and an academy award winning film in 1947. Parents learned from their children, cooperation rather than competition led to more successful business, and even lawyers and courts were helpless to withstand the love and connection that Santa could bring.

We had the privilege of having several young actors working with us on this project. With their passion and enthusiasm, they made the promise of a Miracle on 34th Street real for all of us. Check out our production blog  here for several interesting contributions. We will be adding new items every few days for the next month!

Happy holidays from your friends at Entity Theatre.


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Broadcast Times

Listen to the heartwarming recreation of this story as a radio broadcast from the comfort of your own home. The broadcast will be repeated three times each day so that friends and family members in other time zones can also listen during their evening hours.

DateCET TimeLocal Time
20 Dec12:0020:00 Tokyo Add to Calendar
20 Dec20:0020:00 Berlin Add to Calendar
20 Dec04:00+122:00 New York Add to Calendar
23 Dec12:0020:00 Tokyo Add to Calendar
23 Dec20:0020:00 Berlin Add to Calendar
23 Dec12:0004:00+1 New York Add to Calendar

When the broadcast is live, you’ll see a blue dot in the radio player below, followed by the words ‘Click to play’.  Click the triangle that will appear in the circle on the right.


Cast(In order of appearance)Actor
Announcer,the host of the radio broadcastMelody Rolph
Doris Walker,the personnel manager at Macy’sEmilee Bonner
Mrs. Shellhammer,Doris’ friendly, efficient assistantTracey Cooper
Fred Gailey,Kris Kringle’s defense attorney and a friend and neighbor of Doris and SusanDavid Kinsella
Susan Walker,Doris’ daughterSilvia Pfleghar
Kris Kringle,the likeable, friendly and caring Santa ClausJohn Yates
Isabelle,a little girl waiting to see Santa at Macy’sSophia Lamartine
Freda,the assistant to Mrs. ShellhammerBrianna Goins
Mortimer,waiting in line to see Santa and tell him his Christmas wishesFabian Weiss
Monika,Mortimer’s little sisterMarcia Mosig
Mother,the mother of Mortimer and MonikaJen Blastorah
Girl,waiting in the line to see Santa to ask for roller skatesSophia Blastorah
Girl’s motherJodi Pfleghar
Mr. R. H. Macy,the owner and manager of Macy’s department store and Doris’ and Shellhammer’s boss.Sam Trewhitt
Mr. Sawyer,the very insecure and disagreeable vocational guidance counselor at Macy’s. Mattias Carlborg
Miss Prong,Mr. Sawyer’s secretary.Megan Nerlich
Dr. Pierce,the warm, caring physician at the Brooks Home where Kris Kringle lives.Sophie Landmann
Mr. Gimbel,the owner and manager of Gimbel’s department storeJustin Crowell
Nurse,who works at the psychopathic ward in Bellevue HospitalBirgit Mueller
Thomas Mara,The prosecuting attorney Aiden Dyer
Mrs. Mara,Thomas Mara’s wifeAC Mettenheimer
Tommy,the Maras’ sonAdela Carrasco
Judge Henry Harper,the presiding judge at Kris Kringle’s hearingRoger Voight
Charley,an old friend of Judge HarperBernd Plank
PostmanBogdan Tabacaru
Louie,Another postmanMartin Büsing


DirectorJim Nellis
Assistant DirectorSabine Rimmele
ProducerRoger Voight
Stage ManagerBergit Mueller
Crowd noisesRodrigo Queiro, parents attending the recordings and anyone else who was standing around.
Recording, MixingDaniel Plappert, Dang Huynh

Linda Oppermann, Bryony Lang, Thomas Padel and Stefano Ceolin from the English-Speaking Music Ensembles (ESME) and Daniel Plappert
Radio station advertisementsWritten by Bogdan Tabacaru
Performed by John Yates, Melody Rolph and the ESME singers
PhotographerCate Vieth
Recording facilities,
equipment and

Werner von Siemens Gymnasium and Sabine Rimmele
Kulturreferat Technik of the city of Munich, who provided professional-grade audio recording equipment and technical support.
The production would simply not have been possible without the generous support of these partners.

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